Dangerous Foods

Below are some dangerous foods you should avoid. They are color coded for danger level, but all should be generally avoided. 

Vegetable Oils 

Almost all vegetable oils are high in omega 6 but low in omega 3. To understand the significance of this, read this article. Simply put, processed foods high in omega 6 fatty acids produce inflammation, while foods high in omega 3 reduce it. Also, most of these oils are high trans fat and oxidative which produces free radicals in the body which are implicated in almost every disease. 

  • Grapeseed oil  – this may be touted as a health food, but the way it is often processed turned it to an oxidant. Grapeseed extract is great and very healthful, but grapeseed oil is not. The action on your body becomes that of a corrosive and destructive agent. There is no healing benefit left. 
  • Palm oil – contains no omega 3 but, very high in omega 6. Has been processed to a point, it is no longer food, it has become a toxic chemical foreign to the body and without benefit.
  • Canola oil – produced using heat extraction from rape seeds. It is then refined, bleached and deodorized using the same chemicals used in gasoline, glue, and rubber cement. Yum!


High fructose corn syrup

Processed Sugars

  • Splenda
  • Aspartame (Equal, NutraSweet)
  • Sweet’N Low, SugarTwin. You might as well use straight sugar. These alternatives are toxic!
  • Stevia (processed. Whole leaf stevia is fine)
  • White sugar


Nitrites from processed foods and meat destroy the delicate balance of the system and promote cancer and other diseases. Nitrites from whole plants like kale do the opposite and actually prevent disease. An easy way to remember it is this: whole plants not supplements, what God created, not what man isolated. 

Multi vitamins

Many think that multivitamins are reducing their risk of disease, but they can actually increase your risk. Multivitamins are largely made of isolates, inorganic compounds, and dead matter, and have no vitalizing power for the body. Alfalfa, nettle, and either barley or wheat grass are nature’s multivitamins.

Artificial colors

Red, yellow, blue, green, all the food coloring ingredients are hormone disrupters, affect all the glandular organs and can promote disease. They should be avoided. Some are even made from ground up insects like beetles. 

Yeast Extracts

In order to produce yeast extracts or MSG, processes like hydrolysis are needed to splice into the cell wall of yeast cells to degrade it down into broken amino acids. This unnatural processing of yeast results in an end product that is a neurotoxin. Yeast extracts are now commonly used flavor enhancers in many processed foods. 



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